Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marlo Gone Fishin

After, I don't know how many years, he finally brought home some fish worth eating. I guess they finally put fish in the Los Pinos. Dinner was good, I mean delicious.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wind Rivers 2011 - the few the proud

 Hiking out after a few great days!!!
 What a good looking group. (Some were definitely missed)
 A new use for a great fishing hole.
 Trying to wake up Keaton and Shad.
 Still the best fishing hole!!!!
 Trying to get down the food
No bears this year!!! But lots of mosquitoes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

All fours

Cohen surprised us yesterday by supporting himself on his hands and knees. He then tried to scoot forward looking a little like Bambi trying to walk for the first time.  I'm not sure how far actual crawling is from this point, but I'm sure we will be missing our chubby, immobile baby in no time :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

May and June in the Manwaring House

So a crazy May and June in Broomfield. We had Prom, Mormon Prom, Mitchell's Lacrosse season, Katelynn and Madeline's graduation, Mitchell's 5th grade continuation, Keaton and Fallyn finished Middle School, Morgan got her driver's license, Keaton started his first job selling concessions, Morgan is working concessions and got a job as a Lifeguard, Katelynn is working as a Lifeguard, Keaton and Mike had High Adventure Scout Camp, Kenna, and girls had Girl's Camp, the boys are playing Tennis, Keaton has done 2 basketball tournaments and a basketball camp, Mitchell had 11 year old Scout camp and did a basketball camp plus he is doing swim team and diving, we just got an exchange student from Spain for two weeks (I don't yet have any pictures of her) and we celebrated Marita and Bruce's 5oth birthday. (This only includes the stuff my family is involved in.) Here are some pictures of what that has involved though I don't have pictures of Bruce's birthday (Marita needs to post those) and I just realized I need to take some more pictures of what the kids are currently doing. Despite being super busy we are doing well and hope you are too. Hope to see everyone in Manassa for the 24th!

To Celebrate Marita's 5oth birthday we took her to Downtown Denver and took a tour of the Molly Brown House, had lunch at the Rodizzio Grill and then toured the Governor's Mansion. The next day we went and got Pedicures. It was a lot of fun. We missed those who couldn't make it and think that we need to do this more often. Here is Teresa, Marita and Janela waiting for the tour at the Molly Brown House

Marita and Janela at the Molly Brown House

Marita and Janela at the Governor's Mansion

Teresa and Lori at the nail salon

Marita and Katelynn getting a pedicure

Morgan gets her license

Morgan, Marissa, Fallyn and Katelynn at Girl's Camp

Keaton at Scout Camp on top of a 14er


Katelynn and Madeline graduate from High School

Katelynn with good friends Will and Hayden at awards night. NHS and Magna Cum Laude

Mitchell at his 5th grade continuation, on to Middle School

Fallyn and Keaton leave 8th grade and head to High School

Mitchell plays lacrosse

Marissa, Jon, Natalie, Ethan, Morgan and Tanner go to Mormon Prom

Katelynn and Hayden before Mormon Prom

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring in Broomfield

Keaton turns 14. He was more excited then he looks!

Hanging out after the Easter Egg hunt

Checking out the goods

Katelynn looks for photo opps

Marissa and Shad climb the tree looking for the hard ones

Candy, candy and more candy

Hunting for eggs

The oldest group gets ready to go

Morgan tries to sneak in a younger group

Janela gives some last minute tips

Go Mitchell go!

Lydia and Malachi wait their turn

The youngest ones (and one very old man) wait for the signal to start the hunt

Mike and Milton hide the eggs

Taking snap shots

Halley and Ellie

Coloring Easter Eggs

More eggs

Katelynn, Marissa and Morgan getting the eggs ready

Katelynn and Mitchell before Prom. Mitchell was the waiter for their dinner

A good lucking bunch of friends

Katelynn looked beautiful

Katelynn and Jake before Prom

Katelynn makes her decision to go to BYU

(The flip flops were a gift from the Reichmans based on a joke about not

being able to wear them if she went to BYUI)