Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lawson's Eating Adventures

So right before we moved out to CO we got the go ahead from our doctor to start feeding Lawson real food. We waited till we got out here and started him on a little bit of cereal. We also got a new camera that records in hd video so we took a video of him first eating. The file ended up being too big for a blogger video so we put it on youtube instead. So here's the link, hope y'all enjoy!


Here's my favorite picture of him, gotta love his face!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Manwarings celebrate New Years in Utah

We spent New Years in Utah this year. We had a lazy couple of
days but it was fun. We went to Temple Square and saw the lights,
we went to the BYU campus and say the Carl Bloch display,
walked around the dorms with Melanee and Marissa,
and had fun with Mike's family. Unfortunately
I didn't take very many pictures but here are a few.
Party!! Ok, not so much.

Sledding in Utah

We went sledding while we were in Utah, just a local park hill.
It was fun but so cold. Not as much snow as Marlo and Kristi had.
We only lasted an hour too. Gene had an old fashion wood
sled that worked the best. This is Kenna. I had a blast.

Morgan heading on down.

Katelynn waiting her turn

There goes Mike

Here is Keaton and Mitchell climbing back up
which was not as much fun as going down.

Christmas Morning at the Manwarings

Katelynn sporting her new outfit.
By the way, I keep forgetting that these pictures add on above the
previous ones so this post is backwards, but I'm not doing it over:-)
Grandma still has what it takes to give us a run
for our money and always beats me!

Mike putting the ping pong table together.

Breaking in the new Playstation 3, by playing old Playstation 1 games. Go figure.

We were so lucky to have Grandma with us for Christmas this year.

Lining up on the stairs is an Anderson tradition.

The whole family crawling into Mom and Dad's bed is a Manwaring tradition.

Christmas Eve With Grandma

Mitchell feeding the reindeer

Right down the stairs??

Doing the Nativity a little different this year

In the middle of the Holidays

Kenna and Mike on their way to a Christmas Party

Keaton on his 8th grade Basketball team

Mitchell at his piano recital

Keaton and Fallynn with friends at the Christmas Orchestra Concert

A Few More Thanksgiving Pictures

Just a little gaming

How many Anderson's can fit in the Hot Tub. I think a few more!

Hanging out at the pool over Thanksgiving

Grandma and McKay share some piano time

Friday, January 7, 2011

Basketball Basketball

I am having so much fun with this new camera. Nate and Sam just had a game tonight and I took over 100 pictures. It is so much fun to use the continuous shot feature. We saw Sam make a great lay up and get a major foul as a tall girl grabbed him from behind. Ref's didn't catch it. Nate had some good runs and throws also. Sam is 11 and Nate is 12. Again, another year of fun.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Tournaments at the Reeds

This one is for you Fallyn. This makes me a little sad because my Sam runs when he even senses that I'm going in for a hug. What's your secret Fallyn? I know, I'm "mom".

The oldest and youngest grandsons competing.

Check out these moves.

Snow for the new year

Our new years resolution was to just do it. We have too many little projects that need to be done that could take this whole year. When opportunity shows its face, we are going to jump. Here's to jumping in something rather cold.

We drove up the canyon past Horca to Spruce Hole (Marlo just added that because I have no idea the names of these places. I just know we went up the canyon.) and saw some people sledding. We didnt' want to interupt so we decided to try this spot out that hadn't been touched. We didn't realize how much work it took to make a useable tubing path.

Lots of life lessons came from this. First, some got out of the suburban ready to hit the snow, but weren't completely prepared. They got cold before they could bundle. It's always easier to prevent rather than fix.

Second lesson came when some got cold and decided to go to the suburban rather than work hard to make the trail. 3 of us worked for the next hour to make this great path. It was a blast. Those in the suburban were crying because they were so cold. If you keep moving, you can stay warmer.

I kept thinking of the pioneers who were so cold and thought if they stopped for a little bit to warm themselves, they could continue. Truth was that those who kept moving were the ones who made it to the end.

The third lesson was endure to the end and the joy will be worth it.

If you haven't figured it out, this was part of my testimony this past Sunday. Sorry I don't have pictures of the finished tubing path. We made it on the right path and made it 3 times wider. Yes, Marlo and I were one of the 3. We were terrible parents who had fun while our kids cried in the suburban. They survived and we had a blast. Anyone who wants to join us, come on down.