Monday, March 11, 2013

Tucson Chili Massacre

Some of you may have already heard this story, but I thought the rest of you might enjoy it (plus my momma wanted to see the pictures).

    A few weeks ago, my roommate and I were on our way to a YSA activity. It was cowboy themed, because I live in Tucson and we thoroughly embrace that culture. There was going to be a barn dance and chili dogs involved. Our ward was in charge of bringing some chili, so we were driving very carefully with a large crockpot full of 9 cans worth of chili in the front seat. Every turn we took was extremely slow and wide. In fact we were so concerned about spilling chili all over my car, that after picking up some coolers from the church building, we even switched the chili to a larger pot so we wouldn't be so nervous. We had such great intentions!

    Literally a block away from the church building, we were going through an intersection and we got t-boned by another car, spun a full 180 in the intersection and bounced off of a fire hydrant in the back. Now, we all made it out just fine (my roommate had a concussion but is healing quickly), but you can just imagine what happened with all of the chili.

    These are not the best pictures, but the chili was in our hair, all over our clothes, and we both got burned a little bit on our legs. When we got out of the car, the people that hit us almost had a heart attack because they thought that we were either bleeding profusely or another unseen passenger had exploded inside the car upon impact. The looks on the faces of the policeman and firemen were priceless!

 We became instant celebrities at the hospital, and I don't think the car repair shop or any of the insurance people will forget our story for a long time. Amazingly, the chili came out of most of our clothes! I will tell you that washing chili out of your hair is harder than it sounds, and certainly does not smell good. It was quite the adventure, and definitely the best car accident story that I've ever been a part of!