Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring in Broomfield

Keaton turns 14. He was more excited then he looks!

Hanging out after the Easter Egg hunt

Checking out the goods

Katelynn looks for photo opps

Marissa and Shad climb the tree looking for the hard ones

Candy, candy and more candy

Hunting for eggs

The oldest group gets ready to go

Morgan tries to sneak in a younger group

Janela gives some last minute tips

Go Mitchell go!

Lydia and Malachi wait their turn

The youngest ones (and one very old man) wait for the signal to start the hunt

Mike and Milton hide the eggs

Taking snap shots

Halley and Ellie

Coloring Easter Eggs

More eggs

Katelynn, Marissa and Morgan getting the eggs ready

Katelynn and Mitchell before Prom. Mitchell was the waiter for their dinner

A good lucking bunch of friends

Katelynn looked beautiful

Katelynn and Jake before Prom

Katelynn makes her decision to go to BYU

(The flip flops were a gift from the Reichmans based on a joke about not

being able to wear them if she went to BYUI)