Friday, July 16, 2010

Reeds in Rexburg

Alicia, Carlee and I went up to Rexburg last weekend to visit Deelinda and had a girls party weekend! Deelinda showed us the sights in Rexburg - including her apartment and R mountain. Rexburg is a crazy, awesome town, let me tell you. We had a fun hike and a great photo session on the top of R mountain, as well as a jam session to Bohemian Rhapsody on the drive back. Here are some photos of our adventure...
Thanks, DeeDee! You're amazing!

PS - Though Alicia is sadly misrepresented as far as number of pictures she is in, this is due to the fact that she was our most successful picture taker. She is also in a plethora of blurry or failed photos that didn't make the cut. Sorry, girl.


  1. This is what I'm talking about!! Thanks for posting. You guys are so cute!! You too Alicia, even though you aren't shown. I think you need to teach your sisters how to use the camera:-)

  2. Kristi is posting on Grandma's site. wondering who is in red. I was thinking first Alicia, but since you said she was not in many my second guess would be Danica. How close am I?

  3. not to worry, you don't need your eyes checked. alicia's in red. she's still in pictures, just not as many and i wanted to highlight the fact that she rocks at taking pics, and the rest of us suffer from shaky hands and poor timing. maybe we'll practice some more at the 24th!