Friday, September 24, 2010

A Grandma's gotta brag!

This is my first try at this, let's see how it goes. Of course our biggest news of September is that I have now joined the "Grandma" club, Marissa has become an aunt, and Skyler, Josh and Nick have become uncles. (Travis reports on his and Katelyn's and Lawson's news!) I was able to fly out after receiving "the phone call" from Travis that Katelyn was in labor. I thought I'd miss the baby's birth, but I managed to arrive in plenty of time, which unfortunately meant that Katelyn's labor went much longer than anticipated! It was fun to be there to see Lawson just minutes after his birth, and then to spend a couple of days helping them out. I was also able to help Skyler when he had surgery on his ankle. So it was pretty good timing and it was fun to do both, "mother" and start being a grandma! I went home for about 5 days and then returned with Marissa so she could meet her new nephew. Marissa was thrilled to spend so much time with Lawson and even secretly hoped we would miss our plane when we left so she'd get to stay another day! I just want to ditto what I have heard many times, "it's great fun being a grandparent"!

Lawson Carleton Anderson- 3 days old

Giving Grandma and Aunt Marissa a good look before they leave--12 days old

Grandma was lucky to have the camera "at the ready" to catch this smile---and they say this is gas--we don't believe it!

Look who knows his grandma, even at 1 hour old!

Skyler, taking on the role of Uncle Skyler with ease!

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