Friday, September 24, 2010

Skyler's Surgery

Skyler is all prepped and ready for surgery. Let's get the show on the road. And boy! What a show it ended up being!

On a dark Thursday morning, at 5:00am, I took Skyler to the surgical center to have some work done on his ankle. They ended up taking out a couple of "things" (don't know how to spell them or explain them, so we'll just leave it at that) and he's hopeful he'll be back into full swing soon. Although he is enjoying having a temporary parking pass to park on campus and close to his classes!
I was able to be with Skyler right before he went to surgery, and then again right after surgery. They took me into the recovery room and had me sit by Skyler. The doctor came in and explained everything in "medicalese", a language I'm not too familiar with, and then asked Skyler how he was doing. Skyler laid there with eyes closed and no response, and the doctor said, "I'll take that as fine, and then left." So, the nurse came over and checked on things and in a few minutes Skyler began to wake up from his anesthesia state. His first mumbled words were, "do I have a foot?" and "do I have a prosthesis?" I guess he was secretly worried he might end up without his foot! But it was there, just very numb.
He then proceeded to wake up more and began to sing the theme song to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and I was getting quite a kick out of it. After a few more minutes I was in stitches with the things he was coming up with. I suddenly remembered that I had a digital camera in the bottom of my bag that had the capability to take video. I quickly extracted it from the depths of my bag and started filming Skyler. He was absolutely hilarious and was soon entertaining the whole recovery room, nurses and all, with his "show".
After Skyler had "come down" from his post-anesthesia recovery, we watched the videos together (I got one long one, and a couple of shorter ones from the camera. When the memory card filled up, I managed to get about 3 more on my cell phone). We laughed so hard over them, it was great. I can honestly say that I will truly remember and treasure this memory/time with Skyler. It's one of the best!
I sent one short clip to Josh and Nick and if you've read their emails you will have read how they laughed in their internet cafes and thought it was hilarious. Some of you have asked about it, so, with Skyler's permission, I am posting that short clip here on the family blog, so you can all get a taste of the entertainment! You can all thank Skyler later for giving you a good laugh! So, on with the show: (go down to the very bottom of the blog site and push the pause button on the music so the music will quit playing and you will be able to hear the video)

Skyler's Finger


  1. too funny, you need to post the other ones too!!

  2. Thank you so much for the laugh. I had all 4 boys gathered around my laptop very amused with their cousin. I agree with kenna. We want more clips, we've already watched this 5 times.