Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference Weekend

Brenton and Summer were down for the weekend, and came over to visit between Saturday sessions, and stayed for lunch and the afternoon session. So good to visit with them, and see Summer's little tummy! A future Anderson second cousin for Matt & Jaime's kids to play with!
Travis, Katelyn, and Lawson came too, but got away before we got the camera out, too bad for us!
Alicia and McKay came to visit also, and we enjoyed them! Grandma Anderson came out with Kammi Sowards to their Paraguay Mission Reunion Friday evening before Conference. Melanee attended it with her in Murray, and we both had a really nice time eating, meeting and visiting with about 30 of their missionaries. We sang "The Light Divine", and Grandma made some great comments, including sharing excerpts from Nick's letters! Several missionaries told Melanee what fine presidents they had been, and even quoted some advice Grandad had given them before they left, that they had treasured!
Rachel carved a great ghost on the surface of her pumpkin! For some reason, it was a Green Ghost.....
Girls Night crafting while the men attended priesthood meeting! Marissa was responsible for finding and sharing this pumpkin etching idea. Aren't we creative!

Grandma and Julie were proud of their creations! October Conference weekend seems to usher in the true end of summer and beginning of Fall......

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  1. I wish I could have been there. Looks like you all had a great time.