Friday, October 1, 2010

so...highschool! :)

Homecoming is different here in Utah, as opposed to what i understand colorado's homecoming dance is. Its not stag, everyone gets a date, and its a huge deal!!
pretty much homecoming has consumed my life for the past few weeks but it was so much fun! we decked the school out like neverland which was awesome! the school really did look like you were on the peter pan ride at disneyland! so after 20+ hours being at the school decorating, the school was transformed!

This pirate ship is about 30 feet tall. it was ridiculous to set up, but super cool haha

This is Big ben, which counted down the days to homecoming

This was the main entrance of the school. Its the nursery, and probably my favorite set up! our theme was forever young, and what better place to stay FOREVER YOUNG then neverland??

This was in the jungle hall. Making this tree was crazy tough, but so worth it. there's a bench in the tree, where kids would all hang out. Anyways these are just some of the decorations we did. hopefully not too boring, but i wanted to show you all whats been going on down in good ol' salem hills high school haha

oh...nearly forgot. somehow i got 2nd attendant in the homecoming royalty, and it was super funny cuz during half time, we all rode out in our fancy dresses on segways. we had to wear helmets though, so we all look like dorks haha but thats what highschool is for right?

well anyways...its my senior year! i'm lovin life! and homecoming was amazing!!!

Marissa out :D


  1. Marissa! It looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for posting, this is exactly what our family blog is all about. Yeah!!!!

  2. No boys Marissa, not yet, I'm not ready!!

  3. That was really sweet. Love the creativity.