Monday, November 22, 2010

Extry, Extry, Read All About It: Guesses Wanted

What's up familia!? This just in: So are my papers. Within the next two weeks(ish) I will be getting my call! So now's the time to finalize your revolutionize-ing ideas about where I'm going. If you're interested. Talk to me/someone in my family. We'll figure out someway to be organized. No cheating. You have to have a witness. You can't just say you called it AFTER finding out where I'm going! I'm watching you: and I'm a future missionary so don't lie. Loves!



  1. I'm posting my guess here, so I have proof! I say Ecuador. Katelynn says somewhere East Coast, I'll try and get a more specific guess later. Morgan says Kansas, don't think she was serious though:-)

  2. So have you gotten it yet? If not here are mine and Brenton's guesses...
    Brenton-Alberta, Canada
    Summer-Finland or Sweden

    Good luck, you'll be a great missionary!

  3. I told you my guess in person but just so there's proof my guess is Chile! Can't wait for you to find out!

  4. Ok, Carlee, I'm guessing India. Can't wait to hear. Good luck.

  5. Ok, I'm cheating and taking two guess, my first inclination was to say Spain. Then I thought Australia would be pretty cool too!