Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personal Progress!

Yes, you guessed it! Marissa and I both got our Young Women Recognition awards! Anne is close! It was a lot more work then I thought it would be, but it was worth it. The Young Womens had their annual Evening in Excellence where they highlighted the girls, and their personal progress accomplishments throughout the year. The night was themed "Your Happily Ever After" based on the talk given by President Uchtdorf at the Young Womens conference, and so all of the girls and leaders dressed up in old/new prom dresses and paraded around a bit because we are all princesses, and future queens! All in all it was a very fun and lovely evening!


  1. You girls look so beautiful, if I do say so myself. Anne, is that MY old prom dress? If it is, c-cool! I'd forgotten all about that dress. . . still beautiful:)

  2. Congratulations. You all look beautiful!